Magnetic Braking System Mechanical Technical Presentation

This MAGNETIC BRAKING SYSTEM Mechanical Technical Presentation introduces the magnetic braking with the help of simple theory, law of Faraday and Lorentz force. The magnet is lifted and dragged forcibly on the dipole of magnet on a nonmagnetic plane depending on equations of Maxwell.

In the last few years, the magnetic braking has become very popular. The magnetic braking functions based on law of Lenz and induced currents. On comparing the metal plate with pendulum, its speed reduces on going through among magnetic poles.

If plate is in the file of magnet then electric field gets induced in the metal and hence producing currents. The current is opposite to the flux by the plate based on Lenz’s Law. The currents heat the plate by decreasing the kinetic energy. This aspect is used to apart nonmagnetic metals from solid waste and to remove vibrations in spacecrafts.

The magnetic drag force is very tough to obtain on the motion of metal object and equation of Maxwell. The rectangular sheet is checked on the linear motion by the magnet and hence rectangular sheet of magnetic braking is also checked based on linear motion of the magnet.

The sheet speed is small and magnetic field is produced by the induced current and it is negligible with the application of magnetic field. The magnetic drag force increases with mutual coupling among magnetic field and induced current.


This MAGNETIC BRAKING SYSTEM Mechanical Technical Presentation has introduced about the magnetic lift force and magnetic drag force with the motion of magnets. Based on these forces, the magnetic levitated vehicles are manufactured with high-speed transportation.

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