Electricity Billing System Project in Java

Electricity Billing System Project in Java is developed for kerala electricity board for computerizing entire process of bill payment that was carried out by KSB. 

Electricity Billing System Project

Project Abstract:

Kerala State Electricity Board is the  sole distributor of electric power in  Kerala  They have vide network in the whole kerala  but still now they are using manual system for their collection of revenue and its accounting.  Here this project proposes a computerized collection system very similar to the manual operations they are practicing now. This project gives administrative power to the server to share resources to the computers in the network This project plans to a client server system, and prone to upgradeable for any type of future requirements.

          Our system can view all users connected with the server.  Our system can view the hardware status of the client and all process currently running under the client machine.

          We can transfer the needed files from and to the system.  Our system supports client screen and can visualize that to the administrator.  He can also get the history of users logged in these systems.   So the project will benefit every administrator in delivering his duties.

Electricity Billing System Project Objectives:

    Today   the consumer who wants to remit his current bill has to identify his counter before standing in the queue.  This is too difficult for him in a rush day. Moreover he has to bring exact tender coins to remit his current charge. In this system, balance if any due to the consumer can be adjusted as his future credit. Since this is a data base program any cashier can access the data of any consumer in front of him this may helpful to both the consumer as well as the staffs handling the huge number of consumers.

This program may reduce the manual processing time.

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  1. I need list of working projects for all courses and department and please give me your direct contact where I can contact you anytime I need the complete project work of any of the project. I know Complete project are not free, I will pay as appropriate. let me hear back from you soon.

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