Traffic Announcement through GSM Networks Abstract

Traffic Announcement through GSM Networks projects main idea is to provide information on traffic and distance between different vehicles around us while traveling. This application uses Collide vehicle information capturing using GPS and GSM technology for calculating distance accurately. This project will work on how this application works using micro controller.

In this system vibration sensors will sense collision distance and send information to micro controller by converting to digital data using ADC. Micro controller will compare input data with threshold data, If the data is more than threshold value than data is send to GPS via GSM for finding out location data. GPS system will communicate with Satellite to calculate accurate information. This process will be working continuously until the system is off.

This application  uses Embedded Controller,  GPS Receiver, IR Sensor, LCD Module, GSM Modem, Serial Communication, Keil Compiler.      

download Traffic Announcement through GSM Networks Abstract.

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