Platform Visualization Seminar Topic with Report for Computer Science Students

The visualization is the advanced software technology which is defining the IT and conceptual changes of the computing. Currently the x86 computer hardware capable of single operating system and the one application. The devices are not using completely. The visualization is meant for the operating imaginary operating systems on the same system by sharing the applications in multiple interfaces. The computer can operate the various operating systems and various applications at a time.  

The Project consists of the single operating system on one computer and system installed with the more operating systems.  The use of the systems is very less than what actually uses and capability.

The Project Virtualization brings the system capability to run more than one operating system on the single system. The Purpose is to use the system efficiently.

The virtual infrastructure enables the user to use the system as multiple systems in the single infrastructure. The virtual systems posses four important features.

  1. Compatibility: The Virtual system will host the provided operating system and applications and all required components. The Virtual systems are compatible to other x86 operating systems, applications and the drivers.
  2. Isolation: The Virtual system still becomes isolated by using the other operating systems and applications.  For instance the four Virtual systems run on single system and if one Virtual system collapses the three will run.
  3. Encapsulation: The Virtual hardware resources are packed in a single system. This makes user to handle and use the system easy. For instance one Virtual system can be moved to other Virtual software.
  4. Hardware Independence: The Virtual machines are totally independent from the physical hardware. For instance the Virtual system posses the Virtual components are independent from the system that are using. 

Download Platform Visualization Seminar Topic with Report for Computer Science Students.

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