Basics of Computers Computer Science Seminar Report

The research paper Basics of Computers Computer Science Seminar Report talks about the computer basics. It explains the various parts of a computer and the functions that they undertake.  The paper says that Computer is an electronic device. It accepts data in the form of input processes it and gives result in the form of output.

In the era if information technology, computers are used in almost all works of life. Computers are widely used in several fields, such as education, communication, entertainment, banking, business, medicine, weather forecasting and scientific research. computer is used to perform a variety of tasks, such as drafting letters, performing calculations, maintaining records about student, creating question papers, Analyzing exam results and even creating attractive pictures.

A Computer can be described as an electronic device that can perform activities that involve mathematical, logical and graphical manipulations.

What is Data: the research paper describes data as collection of raw facts or figures. The processed form of data is information. Those devices through which we enter the data is called INPUT DEVICES. E.g.: Key-board, Mouse, Touch screen, Light Pen, scanner etc. Those devices which are used for output purpose is called OUTPUT DEVICES. E.g.: Monitor, Printer,   Platter, and speaker.


The presentation concludes by giving examples of various types of computers. It says that there are three types of computers.

1.Digital computer

2.Analog computer

3. Hybrid computer

Digital Computer: These computers represented data in the form of digits. They are used for count. In these computers all operations take place at a very high speed and are very accurate. E.g.: Digital computer Calculators Digital watches.

Analog Computers: These computers take data in the form of waves & also give us the result in the form of waves. It is used for measurement speed is very fast but its result is not accurate. E.g.: Analog watch, Speed meter automobile etc

Hybrid Computer: The combination of both digital computer & analog computer is called Hybrid computer. These computers are used for special purpose. E.g.: Digital petrol pomp etc.

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