Pet Care – Online Pet Shop System Java Project Source Code

If you are looking for a project which is related to the pet shop. The basic requirements will be like users can order food and grooming-related products for their pets.

Pet Care is an application that will help users to order products related to their dogs. The users can register themselves in the application which will be a one-time process and then they can log in to the application.
As there is this pandemic situation happening, so the security of the customer is also important.
The users will log in to the application and search for the products which are categorized as dog food, toys, beds, medicines, and grooming products. The user can also see the expiry date of the product so that the user can decide whether they want to purchase the product or not.

Application Point of you:

1) There should be some background images of pets on the web pages.
2) Users should be able to see the products category and also should be able to order the products after selection.
3) Users should be able to see the expiry dates of the products as mentioned in the requirements.


Let’s suppose if the user wants to order shampoo for their dogs then after selecting the shampoo from the list they should be able to see the expiry date of the product and accordingly they can decide whether to purchase the shampoo or not.

Pet Shop Design Document Flow Below:

Welcome screen:-

● After the welcome screen, the user will see the registration/ login screen
● The user will not allow to login into the application until the user is registered to the application
● Once the user is registered they can log in to the application using their id and password

Registration/Login Screen:-

● If any of the credentials are incorrect then it will through an error
● If login is successful the application will take the user to the home screen

Login Screen:-

Home Screen:-

Category List Screen:-

• After placing the order, the application will take the user to the delivery where the user needs to fill up the address for delivery.

• After the delivery screen the app will show a message “THANK YOU FOR TAKING CARE FOR YOUR BELOVED FAMILY MEMBER!! REST WE WILL TAKE CARE OF IT!! 😊 ”

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