Performance Comparison Of AODV And DSR Routing Protocols In MANETS Project Report

Introduction to Performance Comparison Of AODV And DSR Routing Protocols In MANETS Project:

This paper compares two routing protocols AODV and DSR performances. The evaluation of routing protocols AODV and DSR takes place, for wireless Ad-hoc networks based on performance. 

AODV protocols: 

AODV maintains one route per destination and destination sequence numbers. Destination sequence numbers is a process of preventing loops and to determine routes freshness.  These sequence numbers are carried out by all routing Packets. AODV uses similar route discovery process of DSR. AODV maintains routing information in different ways like one entry per destination and traditional routing tables.

AODV depends on routing table entries to route data packets to the destination and to propagate Route Reply back to the source.  In using of individual routing table entries, AODV maintains timer-based states in each node. Route error propagation in AODV can represents as a tree where root node indicates the failure point and leaves are the sources which are all using the failed link. 

DSR protocols: 

DSR never depends on time-based activities and uses source routing, route caches. DSR maintains various routes per target. In DSR, source route carries by the data packet in the packet header. Route discovery is the mechanism which is used to dynamically determine the routes whenever the route is not known when data packet is send to the destination. If any source root link is broken then source node is identified by a route error packet.  A DSR protocol aggressively uses source routing and route caching. 


Under high mobility simulations both AODV and DSR gives good performance. On-demand routing strategy is applied by both of these protocols but with different routing mechanisms.  DSR generates low routing load when compared to that of AODV. Because of the DSR characteristics like aggressive use of caching, determine the routes freshness when multiple choices are available and not having stale routes expiry mechanisms leads to give poor performances.

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