The Routing Protocols of MANET Literature Review

The routing protocols of MANET

Now a day’s the mobile technologies have gained more importance and for this reason the different types of the applications related to the mobile computing are been utilized all over the world. Generally there are more possibilities for the process of developing the current technologies which are having more demand. The mobile Ad Hoc networks are considered as the best one among the existing mobile technologies because it is having one of the major benefit that there is no necessity architecture and this specific networks are capable of functioning themselves which are referred to as the autonomous systems.

The typical MANET major function is to manage the routers as well as the wireless links among them. The routers are made up of the mobility nature and for this reason they are capable of moving from one specific location to the other location diagonally towards the virtual graph which is been created through the routers as well as the wireless links.

Because of the presence of the individual nature and the few infrastructure operations the MANET will be able to attached or connected to any kind of the internet as well as it could even be functioned and controlled in a separate manner . It is already been proved that the mobility is considered as the general nature of the MANET and then there are more possibilities of happening of the issues for the route or the link stability, and then there is a necessity of the appropriate routing protocols in order to assure the routing stability towards the MANETS. In general there are two different types of the routing protocols such as the proactive routing protocols( table driven) as well as the reactive routing protocols(on demand).

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