Multimedia Broadcasting over TCP/IP Network

Title: Multimedia Broadcasting over TCP/IP Network

 Key words:
• Broadcasting
• Multimedia
• Voice
• Multicasting

Problem definition:

The programme is broadcasting by sharing communication data with the help of channels by providing information through images and voice oriented. This project is reliable to communicate multiple people at a time and interact with each other in online and it is secure, fast growing, consistent among the clients and server. This data which is shared with media is may be voice, drawing image, picture or text. Multimedia can be broadcasted with TCP/IP network which is specifically designed with java. This system provides multiple clients and server based which facilitate the users providing versatile messages through channels like private or public. The users can apply single click to send a message through a single server but the multicast messages are transmitted to each client in network. So in this case, all server broadcasting messages are transmitted to many clients, it is only possible by using TCP/IP network.

The multimedia broadcasting obtains three areas for developing. Firstly this update technology provides the analog transmission which maintains the multi data base types such as customary forms of video and audio programming. Secondly a quantity of data is linked with main channel including television and conventional radio. Thirdly the applications from broadcast interoperate with non broadcast client-server. Through multimedia broadcast the market sectors will develop with internet services. This analysis enables with technology, market, business and policy. For this plan services and broadcaster activities are necessary presented to organise.

Multicasting is related with internet working, the IP based network is a backbone like internet. Usually UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication system and GPRS (General Packet Radio System) are in progress. They are of wireless network this enables the user for mobility and less bandwidth transmission convenient for the air interface and less consistency to the packet compare to the radio interface network. For home operating a user has to provide subscription for single domain operating, so user can easily access to the service in home like PLMN (Public Land Mobile Network) These operating domains are useful for international and national roaming but it differs in various countries.

Internet communications are also explained through an Architectural model also it provides the frame of internet. This model is used to elaborate the communication protocols to develop communication and it is manageable to layers. Every layer in the stack executes communication with unique function in net work. A layer can classify as a data communication function which activates many number of protocols which afford a service to the function properly. Each protocol communicates with its own peer. A peer is to execute the same protocol which is a correspondent layer to a remote computer. These are standardized communication.

Aims: To develop a multithreaded peer to peer communication system that allows multiple nodes (clients) to interact with each other in a shared environment.

Objectives: This application has the following objectives
• To provide fast, secure, reliable and cost effective communication medium between multiple clients and server.
• To present a simplified server-multiple client architecture which enables multi cast messages with in a public/private channel.
• To fulfil the task of multi-casting.

Evidence of Requirements: Implementation of this project requires thorough understanding of multicasting routing and the various mechanisms involved in TCP/IP broadcasting. This particular application provides high broadcasting capabilities with good quality of data transfer across a typical network configuration and all this can be implemented by using technologies like java and its related API and I believe that I can make this project success by following proper project plan from the initial stages itself.

Context description:

• This is a one of the regular applications across the broadcasting areas
• I can apply all my basic skills in programming languages and network security principles to implement this project.

Software Requirements

Operating System : Windows XP professional
Programming Language : Java, Applets and Swings/AWT
Editors : Edit Plus or Netbeans

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