Online Airline Ticket Reservation System

AIRLINE-TICKET-RESERVATION-SYSTEMThe cse students can select Online Airline Ticket Reservation System project to do the project on data base server. The  aim of the project was to develop a website which would facilitate the reservation of online air tickets through an effective and yet simple GUI for a normal passenger intending to travel in airways.                 

                 The project is basically targeted at those people who would like to travel through air and have an Internet access. Apart from reserving tickets, through this system a passenger can compare online fares ‘from’ various cities ‘to’ various cities.

We use Oracle as the backend and use JDBC connectivity to access the database. The servlets access the database using JDBC and output the results according to the query, which again takes into account the options, selected by the user. 


·         Server Technologies

·         Software Technologies 

This system is very much successful in implementing the security features by protecting  against unauthorized database access and use, Oracle provides security features to limit and monitor data access. 

It is in a position to handle requests from users accessing  website from various different types of computers and operating systems by using Oracle software that enables different types of computers and operating systems to share information across networks.

We have around 3 servlets for WML which enables our website to be accessed by hand held devices.                     

                     By implementing  session tracking by  using HTTP sessions API provided by the servlets. New session is created each time a user logs in and all the information required is stored in the session object. The HTTP session keeps track of the user status and whenever he logs out of the system, the entire data in the session object is destroyed so that other users can’t access his information.

download Online Airline Ticket Reservation System project.

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