The Online Staff Leave Management system is used to automate the work flow of leave applications and their approvals. It mainly deals with details of all staffs both teaching and non-teaching staffs of various departments and also their leave maintenance. A staff can submit a leave by checking his current leave balances. The HOD and admin verifies the submitted leave and checks the available leave balances for accepting or rejecting the leave. This system is being developed to convert a normal staff leave automation system into a web based system where multi user access is allowed. This project is being developed to achieve error free tabulation and calculation of leaves in the best way possible. Online staff leave management will be implemented using responsive media design technique that makes web page look good on all devices.


The objective of this Online Staff Leave Management system project is to manage the leave applications of staff. The following are the business requirements and classified as different modules for this project:

Sl No Requirements
1 User Management
2 Staff Leave Maintenance


This module has following six functions:

1.1.1 Registration      

  • The user has to register by using a username and password.
  • Username should be the id number.

1.1.2 Login                                               

  • Should accept the user name (Example: User-1, User-2 etc.)
  • Should accept the password (The password should not be displayed on the screen)
  • A case insensitive comparison is done for a user name and a case sensitive comparison is done for a password
  • If the correct user id and password are supplied then, main menu of online staff leave management system should be displayed to the user
  • If an invalid user id or password are entered then the system should display error message “Login Denied” and should quit the application
  • Login name and password should be stored in a login table.

1.1.3 Add new staff

  • Select the type of staff.
  • Add the details of new staff.
  • When clicked on ‘ok’ button, the new staff gets added and will be inserted into the table.
  • View an existing staff
  • Select the type of staff.
  • Staff that has to be viewed must be searched with corresponding id either by admin or HOD.
  • Staff can also view his/her information by entering the id.
  • Displays the staff details.

1.1.5   Update staff details

  • Display a table containing the details of staff.
  • Staff can make the required changes in the corresponding fields.
  • When clicked on ‘save’ button, the changes made will be accepted by the system and store it in table.

1.1.6 Logout

  • User after performing the processes exits from the page using logout.


This module has seven main functions:

1.2.1 Check leave balances

  • Staff checks the available leave balances before submitting a new leave.

1.2.2 Submit Leave

  • If enough leave balances remaining, staff can submit a leave request to HOD.
  • HOD further verifies it.

1.2.3 Cancel Leave

  • If staff under some circumstances doesn’t require a leave that he/she has already submitted, then the submitted leave can be cancelled before the HOD forwards it to the admin.

1.2.4 View staff leave status

  • The HOD and admin views the submitted leave and available leave balances of the staff.

1.2.5 Approve Leave

  • Approve staff leave on the basis of current leave balances.

1.2.6 Forward leave request          

  • Forward the accepted leave to admin for further approval.
  • If admin accepts leave, notification is send to staff.

1.2.7 Reject Leave

  • Reject submitted leave if there is no sufficient leave balances.
  • Notifications send to staff about leave rejection.