Shopping Cart Website Project in Asp.Net

Shopping Cart Website Project is a web based application developed in programming language.  This application is developed to help users to buy products through online.  Shopping cart website project comes under e commerce category.

Shopping Cart Website Project

Project Overview:

At present online business is growing fast in every filed. This type of applications are called as business to customer method in e commerce which has lot of scope for business in world wide web. Main goal of these e commerce sites is to sell different type of goods through online. At present we can see many e commerce site which are selling mobile phones, clothes, watches..etc. Now each and every good that is available out side is also available on web.

Advantages of  Shopping Cart Website:

Users can order products from any location if they have internet facility.

Users can save time by selecting products through online and pay amount using credit or debit card.

There is also returning option in online booking. If user is not satisfied with the product he can send back.

Compare to cost for products that are available on the market is more compare to products available on e commerce sites. 

This application consist of nine main modules which are explained below.

1. Registration Module:  In order to use this application user should register with application. Registration form will contain all basic information like user name , password, contact number, address..etc. Using this information profile for each use is created.

2. Products Browse Module:  When user is logged in to application he can use browse module for searching products. In this form user will have different selection options where user can chose products and browse website.

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