Online Shopping Cart PHP Project Code

The main aim of developing this PHP-based online shopping application web project is to provide easy access to buy products online.

This project looks like an online shopping website like Amazon or Flipkart where the user has to register on the website first then they can search products category-wise, find product manufacturers, and product descriptions.

Below are the database tables created with the necessary columns

Category Table:

  • category id
  • category name
  • sort order
  • date added
  • description

Create Account Table:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email
  • telephone
  • fax
  • company
  • address1
  • city
  • postcode
  • country
  • password
  • password confirm
  • subscribe
  • privacy policy

Customer Table:

  • customer-id
  • customer first name
  • customer last name
  • customer email
  • telephone
  • fax
  • password
  • cart
  • newsletter
  • address
  • status
  • customer group id
  • date added

Download Table:

  • download id
  • filename
  • date added
  • name

Information Table:

  • information ID
  • sort order
  • title
  • description

Login session  Table:

  • user-id
  • username
  • email
  • password
  • country

Manufacturer Table:

  • Manufacturer id
  • Manufacturer name
  • sort order

Product Table:

  • product id
  • product name
  • product description
  • product price
  • product quantity
  • manufacturing id
  • category id
  • download id

Download the below attached online shopping cart PHP project source code and database.

Related Online Shopping System Project details:

We intend to create an Online Shopping website with prime features also whilst incorporating all the amazing features that could be seen on the Leading Online Shopping official websites and more.


Homepage: The Landing/Homepage offers various navigating features including shopping, menu, finding products, add-to-cart payment, etc., as shown in the image above.

Shopping: schedule your delivery with Amazon pay.

Rewards: provide a program membership offer by incorporating sign-in features and provide free delivery on some products.

Careers: facility to explore career paths by imparting internships and apprenticeships and jobs by logging in/registering on the portal and providing too many jobs in many different ways.

Payment and cashback offer to make payment via this app – amazon pay.

Delivery: Accepting the orders and delivering them at the user’s doorstep.


  • Login page.
  • listing page
  • Profile page
  • Prime page
  • Sign in with the prime page
  • Payment with prime page
  • Payment page
  • Order page

Technologies To Be Used:


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • javaScript
  • Reactjs


  • Nodejs
  • Expressjs


  • MongoDB

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