Automation Of Faculty Profile And Student Attendance

Statement of the problem

The Automation Of Faculty Profile And Student Attendance project mainly focuses on the total computerization of faculty details and student attendance in which different levels of users are restricted to access the database at different places. By restricting, we can make the faculty to access the data but they can’t modify or update the database of other faculty details and attendance of students entered by another faculty, and other information etc.This project mainly operated by two modules mainly Faculty and administrator. 

Existing System:

The existing system refers to the system that is being followed till now. In the existing system, the student attendance and faculty details are entered manually in books or files. Here the information is maintained and manipulated by the corresponding faculty or the administrator.

In this system, if we want to track the faculty details or student attendance then the corresponding faculty has to check those details manually which consumes a lot of time. At some time the details of faculty need to be updated.

The system is not at all complete system because of it not capable of producing the desired output. For example in this system, if we require the attendance of a student during a semester, then it is difficult to retrieve the information at a single glance of the system. It requires some amount of time to produce that result.

Fig: Application Login Page

Drawbacks of Existing System:

  • Lack of security of data.
  • Time-consuming.
  • Consumes a large volume of paperwork.
  • More manual work
  • There is no security for data
  • Does not provide round the clock service


The proposed system is the automation of faculty profile and student daily attendance by replacing the existing system of manually entering the details in files. Here all the information is present in the system. At any time the user can access the information from the database which is easier and simple when compared to the existing system.

Here the faculty will enter his details, the student attendance, and marks in the system. Faculty can update his profile details any time in the system by entering his username and password. When any users require the details of faculty or student attendance information he can access them but he cannot modify them. Only the administrator will modify or update the information on the system. If faculty forgets his password then the administrator can reset it. Both administrator and faculty can modify the details of respective faculty.

Fig: Faculty Profile Page

This system overcomes the drawbacks of the already existing system. So if we replace the existing system with the proposed system it will be very useful to track the information of faculty in any department of the College.

The Automation Of Faculty Profile And Student Attendance project is successfully completed by including all the specified features, our project team worked hard with the help of our guide to develop the system in such a way that we can retrieve information in all dimensions. At last, we can say firmly that the entire project is completed as per the stated requirements.

Sequence Diagram for Staff Registration:

Interaction Diagram for Registration of new faculty

Sequence Diagram for faculty details update:


This Student Attendance project has a wide scope for development by including some extra facilitated tools such as we can use biometric tools for department attendance calculations. We can develop this system in such a way that we can generate the reports in the required fashion.

The database used here can be replicated in the alumni by just eliminating the old student records, we can include this. We can develop the client-side application by creating more number of facilities to him such as interacting with the concerned officials of the department.

We can include the module such as face recognition. When we click on the photo of a particular student the system automatically will show the details of the student. By this procedure, we can track all the students without knowing his name and number and just by recognizing his face.

Hardware Specifications:

Processor: Intel Pentium IV or later

RAM: Minimum 512MB RAM

Secondary Storage: 80GB or more

Software Specifications:

Operating system: Windows XP or later

Programming Language: Java

Web Technology: JDBC, Servlets, JavaScript, JSP

Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer

Web application server: Apache Tomcat

Model Design: Rational rose 7

Download Automation Of Faculty Profile And Student Attendance Project source code and Database

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