Online Sales for Aayurvedic Medicine PHP Project

Current System

In Online Sales for Aayurvedic Medicine PHP Project, We have tried to provide online sales aayurvedic medicine which are being used in creating websites. It provides the designing of any site. This is site is very easy to use and gives friendly environment to our customers. The customer can see the  aayurvedic medicine and can sales.

Online Sales For Aayurvedic Medicine

In the home page user can see the advertisement of the same site and also can view recently uploaded medicines. You can even login from that page. Without login user cannot purchase any template. For new user we have given the facility for sign in.

In gallery page you can view any medicine full screen. In one page you can see only nine images so that user can see it properly. In the bottom you are getting link for going in next page of gallery same as Google. You can sales your medicine with credit card only. You can even directly contact the designer for specific design work.

You can even get print out of your bill as you are getting link of print. It will directly give you the dialog box of print.

From admin side you can add new medicine update as well as you can also delete any medicine. You can see all medicine the.

After salling or visiting site you can logout if you have sign in. 

Project Profile:

Project Title:   Online Sales For aayurvedic Medicine

Front End:       PHP , HTML, DHTML

Back End:       MySql


No system or software is 100% perfect or reliable in its sense of functionality and performance. There are always small or big bugs in the system. So our system has also some limitations.

  • Chatting is not possible with our site.
  • It is not possible to view colors of newly launched bike(s) while purchasing the bike.
  • Future enhancement will include all the functions which we are not able to implement in our system.
  • Like in future we can make the messenger in which it is possible to chat with members of our site.
  • And also try to connect with other messenger.

May be in future it is possible to get solution on the spot.


Table Name:  Sign_up

     Description:    This table stores the email address and password. 

Field Name Data type Description
Fname Varchar(50) First name
Email Varchar(100) Email address
Pass Varchar(100) Password
Password Varchar(25) Reentered password

   Table Name:  Gallery

   Description: All gallery images and details are shown from here.

Field Name Data type Description
Pid int(5) Product id
category Varchar(100) Category of webtemplate
pname Varchar(100) Product name
image Text Image path
price int(7) Price of product

Table Name:  Cart_table

Description:    This table stores data when user purchases something and all the date gets deleted when user logs off

Field Name Data type Description
Pid int(10) Product id
image varchar(250) Image path
pname varchar(100) Product name
price int(7) Price

Table Name:  Billing_info

Description  This table stores all the information about billing form 

Field Name Data type Description
cdate Date Current date
time Time Current time
fname varchar(100) First name
lname varchar(100) Last name
address Text Address
city varchar(50) City
state varchar(50) State
country varchar(50) Country
pincode int(8) Pincode
email varchar(100) Email
workphone int(30) Workphone
homephone int(30) Homephone
card varchar(50) Name of credit card
cardno int(16) Credit card no
date int(5) Expiry date
year int(11) Expiry year
varno int(50) Verification no

Table Name:  Cart_table2

Description:    This table stores data when user purchases something and data gets stored permanently

Field Name Data type Description
Pid int(10) Product id
Image varchar(250) Image path
Pname varchar(100) Product name
Price int(7) Price

Table Name:  admin_signin

Description:    This table stores email and password in admin side.

Field Name Data type Description
Email Varchar(30) Email Address
Pass Varchar(30) Password

This form is the home page of our site.It dispays advertisement of my site, recently uploaded Aayurvedic Medicine as well as login
This is gallery page. Where you can see images of all aayurvedic medicine. In one page you can see 9 images for more there is below link to go in next gallery pages 


In this page it is written about the site. Which things are kept in mind

while creating these site or aayurvedic medicine.


This form shows the specifications of Achiever bike. As you click on the ‘NEXT’ button, you can see the specification one by one. 

BILLINGINFO PAGE :             

This form displays all the available colors of the Achiever medicine. Clicking on the specific color button will display the medicine of that color.


In this page there is details to contact the designer of the aayurvedic medicine. 

Admin Page

Through this page, administrator can view the sales

Performance of all models with medicine_name, price, & date. 

Thank-You Page

Through this page, if you have sales any medicine then click on next page then give us this page.


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