Automation Of Stationery Shopping Center Java HTML Project

The Automation Of Stationery Shopping Center Java HTML Project is a web based application intended to online for customer. The main objective of this application is to make it interactive and its ease of use. It would make searching, viewing and selection of a product easier. It contains an easy search methods for users to search item specific target their needs. The search engine provides an easy and convenient way to search for products where a user can Search for a product interactively and the search engine would treat the products available based on the user’s input. The user can view the complete detail of each product.

Automation Of Stationery Shopping Centre Modules overview:


The application also provides user can add a product to the shopping cart (push cart) by dragging the item in to the shopping cart. The main emphasis lies in providing customer to order item in easy way by using add to cart or select one item .The system generate receipt for the customer when successfully order item .

The Admin have many privilege in the system, such as delete, update item detail, create account for sales person, search item, view comment and view report . The sales person also have privilege such as register item, generate receipt, view comment  ,view order and add advertisement.

The customer also have privilege such as search an item and order item. In this system unauthorized access and data is not allowed, the system can display error message when the user enter incorrect input and not give permission of transaction for customers who have no account number or insufficient balance.

So we develop online selling and buying transaction for Shop canter for customer who lives around that shop centre and generate advertisement for items which price is discount and when new item is registered.

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