Online Movie Ticketing System Python web Project

Movie theatres have become one of the most preferred getaways in today’s world. And yet going to the theatre, selecting a movie, and making sure the tickets aren’t sold out, could prove tedious. Any knowledge about the list of movies, show timings, or even seats can be attained by the customer only by being present physically.

An Online Movie Ticketing System brings the theatres closer to the customers. It eases and improves the booking experience. The system holds the database of all the movies being played along with their show timings and available seats. This system can be accessed using a website by the customers a few days before the show to book their seats of choice, and at the same time, keeps the theatre admins updated about the seats being booked.

The purpose of this Online Movie Ticketing System SRS document is to analyze and elaborate on the high-level needs and features of the Online Movie Ticketing System. It focuses on the capabilities and facilities provided by a theatre. The details of all the needs of the Online Movie Ticketing System and if it fulfills these needs are detailed in the use case and supplementary specifications.


The expected audience for this document includes the theatre administrators, the Box Office Staff at the partnered theatres, and the developer.


The Movie Ticketing System that is to be developed provides the theatre staff and the customers with the movies being screened, show timings, seat availability, and many other facilities. The Online Movie Ticketing System is supposed to have the following features:

  • The Online Movie Ticketing System is up and running all day.
  • The product provides customers with online booking capabilities.
  • The system provides a login facility to the users.
  • The system lets the Box Office staff check seat bookings and seat availability for any screen during operating hours.
  • The system allows the theatre staff to monitor screen details and update movie screening information.
  • The transactions of the theatre are updated with every reservation or refund submitted.

Document Overview

The SRS will provide a detailed description of the Movie E-ticketing System. The remainder of this document is in two sections, the first providing a full description of the project for the Theatre Administrators.

Overall description

The Online Movie Ticketing System is a package to be used by Administrators to improve the efficiency of the website for Box Office staff and Users. The Online Movie Ticket System to be developed benefits greatly the general public. The system provides movies and dates, from which the user can choose, as desired. The Administrator can keep the movie database and seating arrangements updated all the time so that the user gets the updated information all the time.

The Movie ticketing system encompasses various GUI menus, to provide a seamless facility for the online booking of movie tickets. The system is connected to the theatre database.

Product Functions

The Online Movie Ticketing System provides online real-time information about the movies available in the Theatre to the user. The functions of the system include the system providing different types of services based on the type of users [User/ Administrator].

  • The member should be provided with updated information about the movie’s showtimes and seats available.
  • Provisions for the user to book the movie they want, if all the other required rules hold good.
  • The members are provided with the movie available roster and allowed to choose the movies, they want to use in the coming up days.
  • The Administrator is aware of all the tickets booked and also about the seats available.
  • The Administrator is provided with interfaces to add/delete the movies and also update the seating arrangements accordingly.
  • The user is also provided an option to claim a refund of 25% of the ticket rate, provided he/she cancels the ticket 24 hours before showtime.

User characteristics

The users of this system are the customers, box office staff, and the administrators of the partnered theatres. The customers are assumed to have basic knowledge of the computers and Billing systems.


Response Time

The home page, which displays the movie streaming should be loaded in less than 2 seconds. The theatre’s seating arrangement is refreshed after every successful transaction. The system shall respond to the member in not less than two seconds from the time of completing the payment. The system shall be allowed to take more time when doing bulk bookings.


The number of bookings is directly dependent on the tickets being sold. The users may be the administrator or also the customer who uses the ticketing system for booking tickets.

Ticket Cancellation Flexibility

The system allows the user to cancel tickets within a day before the date of booking. It also includes the provision to claim refunds, following the protocols listed by the system to the user.

Design Constraints

Software Language Used

The languages that shall be used for developing the front end of the Online Movie Ticketing System are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The backend will be supported using Python, with the additional support of MySQL for managing the database.

System Evolution

In the future, this system could be partnered with other theatre administrators. Database access speed can be increased further.

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