Online Examination PHP Project

Examinations are part of an education system where every institute is using an online platform for conducting examinations through websites. Existing methods mostly work on manual methods where there is a need for human resources, use of paperwork, and time-consuming process.  In order to solve this problem and provide an effective platform for institutions and students online examination platform provides the best solution. This web platform has simple features which covers admin, teachers, and student module. Admin can view students who are registered with the application and add teachers based on department and view tests and marks of students. Teachers can log in with a valid user name and password and upload test detail with questions and time for each test along with positive and negative marks for answers. Students can register with the application and select a test and take the test. Students can view marks, results, ranking, and history.


Conducting examinations needs a planned process where resource and time is important. It is not possible to conduct exams where students can write exams from any location.


Developing an online examination system that works on a web-based platform can help in conducting exams from any location in a short span of time and students from any location can write exams.


          Colleges and institutions conduct exams through examination centers where each student is provided with seat allocation and time. Based on that user need to available at that location and time and take the test.


              This method needs a user available at that location.

             Resources and cost is involved in the examination process.


            The proposed system works on the online web portal where students, admin, and lecturers can be part of this portal by registering with the application.  Admin will add teachers and students can register with the application and view all tests available and take tests and view results and ranks.           


            Students and institutes can save time by conducting exams through online.

              The entire process is online students from any location can take tests.


Programming language: PHP

Database: Mysql

Server: Tomcat, xamp server

Front End: Html, CSS, Javascript.

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