Customer Relationship Management Abstract

Introduction to Customer Relationship Management System Project:

Customer Relationship Management Automotive Repair Enterprise is a web application aimed to provide various services. This service is maintained by most of automotive companies. The present system raises certain problems like difficulty in assigning services to the service team, difficulty in generating bills for the service provided, inefficient in managing break down details and the manual system gives us very less security for saving data and some data may be lost due to mismanagement . However the enterprise cannot reckon on manual system.        

The proposed new system contains many activities that try to automate the entire process by keeping database integration. This provides rich user interface to interact with the application that are provided. It also provides remainder facility to the employee. It collects information from the service center and generates breakdown bill. The services to the service team are easily assigned. All the service details are providing to client and normal users and authentication is provided to all the users. It also facilitates complaint and response feature.

Implementation of this new system is done in five modules. First module is User Authentication module. In this module holds four different types of users. The users are Administrator, Employee, client and general users. This module provides authentication for these users. Second module is Vehicle Management module; in this the administratortakes the information regarding vehicle color details, Fuel left in vehicle details, Vehicle Brand and company details. Third module is Service complaint module, in this module the client raises complaint about their vehicle and the administrator enters the information about client vehicle. Each client is given a unique vehicle id so that it would be easy to identify vehicle and its complaints. Based on this vehicle id service complaint details are entered. Fourth module is Vehicle Breakdown Management module. In some cases the vehicles Breakdown on their way, in this case the client consults the online employees of the service.

Client raises the breakdown details of their vehicle. That vehicle is given unique vehicle id and breakdown id. The details of breakdown area and landmark are taken. The fifth module is reports; in this module the system holds various types of reports like Employee Profile Report, Client Vehicle Status Report, Client vehicle breakdown Report, Service Type Report, Service Complaint Report and Breakdown Bills. With these modules the proposed new system overcomes the problems of old system and ensures security. 

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