Career Counseling Website .Net Project

Introduction To Career Counseling Website Project

This Career Counseling project is being concerned that it is acceptable by the university. Because of this project has determined each and every requirement (according to my best knowledge) of university members whether they are literate or illiterate about the computer.

Here in this .Net project, anyone who knows the security codes of this program can use this program usually. I have mentioned here each and every instruction so that one can operate this program.

In this Career Counseling project can be used for the following purpose:

  • We can add, update Student Registration.
  • We can add Question according to own choice.
  • We can change the password of the Administrator.
  • We can Sign in as the user (Student).
  • We can give aptitude test & get the own result.
  • We can also select the Courses & Colleges according to own choice.
  • I have done in this project class name such as technical class (B.C.A., M.C.A., and P.G.D.M. etc)
  • Above all class defined by every part or semester.
  • The infrastructure of my project is so interesting.
  • By Software everyone can use calculator or notepad to solve the basic problem related to project.
  • Al last about me declared such as knowledge for the university.

Software & Language:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  • Microsoft Access


We use the MS Access database as a backend to maintain the record for the Career Counseling  Management Software.

Data base name: – Career.ACCDB 

  • 1) Table Name: Admin_Login

Admin_Login  table  contains the User_Name & Password of the Administrator . User_Name Contains the Primary key.

Fields Name Data Type Length (size)
User_Name Text 25
Password1 Text 25
  • 2) Table Name: Student

Student_Add contains all valuable information about the students who are there in the computer center. It consists of Enroll as a primary key.

Fields Name Data Type Length (size)
Student_Id Number 25
Name Text 25
Father_Name Text 25
DOB Date/Time 25
Gender Text 25
Mobile_No Number 25
Address Text 25
City Text 25
Country Text 25
E_Mail Text 25
Password Text 20
Re-Password Text 25
Qualification Text 25


Owner can get the information about Students.


Student_Id is a primary key in student table. Enroll is assign to the new student for the registration, which is unique. This Student_Id is automatically generated by the software when the new student request for registration.



This field defines the name of the Student.


This field defines the Father’s name of the student.



This field the date of birth of the student.



This field defines the sex of the student.



This field defines the mobile number of the student.


Address :

This field defines the Address of student



This field defines the city of the Student.


Country :

               This field defines the Country of the Student.



                This field defines the Email of the Student.


Password1 :

                 This field defines the Password of the Student.



This field defines the qualification of the student.

  • 3) Table Name: Question_Table
Fields Name Data Type Length (size)
Question_Id Number 25
Question Text 500
Answer1 Text 25
Answer2 Text 25
Answer3 Text 25
Answer4 Text 25
Correct_Answer Number 20
Marks Number 15


Owner can get the information about the Question.


                    Question_Id is a primary key in Faculty table. Question_Id is a assign to the new Question, it is a unique key. This Question_Id is automatically generated by the software when the new Question_Id is registered.

Question :

This field defines the Question .


This field defines the Answer1 of the Question.


This field defines the Answer2 of the Question.


This field defines the Answer3 of the Question.


This field defines the Answer4 of the Question.


This field defines the Corrrect_Answer of the Question.


This field defines the Marks.


This field defines the Topic of the Subject.

  • 4) Table Name: Aptitude_Test
Fields Name Data Type Length(size)
Question_Id Number 15
Student_Id Number 15
Question_Status Text 100
Marks Number 15


Use to test for Student.


                  This field contains the Question_Id of the Question_Table.


This field contains the Student_Id of the Student_Table.

Question_Status :

               This field contains the Question of the Question_Table.

Marks :

   This field contains the Marks of the each Question.

  • 5) Table Name: Contact_Us
Fields Name Data Type Length(size)
Full_Name Text 25
Contact_No Number 15
Email_Id Text 25
City Text 25
Message Text 500


Use to  Ask Question for Contact_Us .


                  This field contains the Full_Name of the Candidate.


This field contains the Contact_No of the User.


               This field contains the Email_Id of the User.


   This field contains the City of the User.


This field contains the message of the User.

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