NIT Seminar Report on Iris Recognition

Introduction to Seminar Topic  on Iris Recognition:

The existing system named as the Iris Recognition is the device which targets the problems that are meant to be solved by completely verifying the person’s validity. As the name tells Iris means the unique recognition of the person’s details, data and many more things that are to be completely unique and this also been scientifically proven by the scientist and the developers. The aiming application of this system device is to verify and check properly the Image definition and also verify the requirements that are needed to execute the process successfully. Motivation of the device is explained in detail in the books.

The requirements and the specification of the existing system during the development and the execution process are Visual Basic 6.0 which is the main stage and the builder and the compiler for the current developing system, The color handler which controls the color where in which type of color is suitable, Microsoft Excel to keep the daily records in the table format.

Here the system is backward connected to the networks called as the backpropogation networks. This layer of network has three layers in its sub types called as the Input layer, Hidden layer and the Output layer. These layers take near about 360 data inputs at the same period of time.

This system in future can be done by using or by making use of the CCD called as the Changing Couple Device. This has the lens camera which can be either kept in the active side or also at the passive side. This device will be a complete user friendly and environment friendly too. This Iris can even be used as the security passwords for the prevention of case cards, pins and protection of bank accessing accounts school and colleges primes, libraries and labs etc…. this system proves a great demanding and also a great useful in the coming future days.

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