Seminar Report on Iris Recognition System

Introduction to Iris Recognition System Seminar Topic:

Before knowing what an Iris is? Let’s see this diagram to conceptual understand what and where an Iris is.


irish system

The basic functionality of Iris is it controls the amount of light that enters the eye.

Now we think into create a system /prototype named Iris Recognition Prototype.

So how to make such things possible? Is next question for the developers, as such things seem impossible at first go. 

This topic is much interest for a biology student, but since we are a developer we need to build some interest in understanding the work before building the prototype. 

A inspiration to create such a system

Actually there was a science fiction in Hollywood where we see that the main character undergo an eye transplant so that his identity would be changed but he used his original eyes to get access to restricted location. 

Now I think there is some motivation as a developer for getting interest to build such a system.

The next question that comes in mind of a developer do we have any technology to build such system at this time .The answer is yes.

Sounds good, so what technology can make this thing possible. The key answer is bio metric system.Thus a bio metric system is generally used to verify a person identity. 

Now since we need to perform such a huge task, advance database should be used along with biometric system to store the information

The database generally in basically consists of Iris images.The Iris images are stored on particular resolution after applying some key algorithm that is essential. Here each task plays some importance to the task we perform manually.

The central aim of creating such a system is uniqueness .If such a system exist it can easily replace finger pattern matching system or face reorganization system.

Download Seminar Report on Iris Recognition System . 

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