NIT CSE Project Report on Integration of Heterogeneous Database into XML Format with Translator

Introduction to Integration of Heterogeneous Database into XML Format with Translator Project:

The existing system contains various heterogeneous databases like the MYSQL, SQL SERVER and Oracle .So the main work of the existing system is to convert or integrate the databases into the XML formats. To get this a translator device is been used to convert the database to XML formats. Here the database is queried first and then the queried language is converted to XML. After this process a XML document is generated and stored in the XML file. This device has several benefits too.

The benefits of the existing system are the data is automatically described, the data can be even observed in the standard tool, the various views of the same related data is capable, the data is even manipulated, this XML files are very easily been compressed. Here the natural language is used to make the task easier and more users friendly.

The designing of the system was done like the following ways like Configuration in this stage some basic information related to the graphical user interface where the end user can enter the required values and details too. Syntax Analysis continuously keeps on checking the syntax whether it is fully correct and displays the mistake if any error is caused.

Translation which accepts the inputs the user’s commands and then it is converted into the SQL database language. Here the grammar of the Database Language is strictly verified. Execution of the SQL Query, Conversion to XML format are some of the other related of the attributes of the system.

This system exist their own translators that are related to the databases which help in translating the inputs to the SQL languages. Most potentially Select command is used to create the SQL queries. In the coming future along with the Select command Update command, Create, Delete, Truncate commands are used for more features and benefits.

 Download  Integration of Heterogeneous Database into XML Format with Translator .

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