Latest Seminar Topic Idea on Integrating Enterprise Communications

Introduction to  Seminar Topic Idea on Integrating Enterprise Communications:

The existing system is the integrating Enterprise communication working with the Google Wave system. This system is used to make a communication with the servers over the internet. It is mad to combine multiple communications like the email, wikis, instant messages, social media etc… the chunks of the system were made into three different departments like firstly the voice communication, Secondly the bringing the Google wave functions to handle the calls and third is to permit the user to control the calls from the function from the Google wave system. This system can also be used for the enterprise communication.

There are some of the related technology and terminology in the existing system of Google wave. Here in the Google wave the user conversation can be referred to as the Wave. This conversation is mostly viewed from the IM called as the Instant Messenger. There are two parts of the Google wave called as the Google wave robots and the Google wave gadgets.

The Google Wave uses the server which is named as the Twilio. Handling the event and its system calls, monitoring the Communication events, future planning, and some of the related work are some of the related features and attributes of the existing system.

This system concludes that it is considered as the great approach on implementing the communication through enterprise and the function related to the Google Wave. On the other side the enterprise communication is the main feature that is related to the employee of the Google wave and communication. During the execution process the developers also noticed the limitations and drawbacks regarding the Google wave. The feedback from the developer team and the end user will surely help the system to make it more effective and some other extra benefits to the system. The Google Engine also has some architecture according to the communication networks.

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