Internet Protocol Address Filtering Project Report

Introduction to Internet Protocol Address Filtering Project:

With the introduction of ARPANET in the year 1960’s the computer networks have become common and more popular. The United State Department of Defense was the main organisation behind the introduction of ARPANET.

Nuclear attack can be survived with this kind of network. The best part is that the origin of this network can even function when the nodes are down.

A computer network can be described as the interconnection of various computer systems.

The goals users intend to attain through networking are basically the same irrespective of the network size (that is, the number of computer systems involved) or the topology- the mode of connection.

The increasing popularity of computer networks is largely due to the immense benefits accrued from the interconnection of computer systems. Some of these benefits include:

The interconnection of several systems develops a computer network and the users tend to attain the same through networking irrespective of the size of the network and the mode of connection.

The interconnection computer lines benefit the users so much that it leads a large number of people to use the computer connection.

This research aims several points and the main focus in given on the computer network in case of both client systems and general. For providing security several approaches are surveyed. These approaches have its advantages and disadvantages. 

The objectives of this research are as follows:

In case if anyone tries to manipulate the important files or verify the IP address to ensure the access of the files on the server then this application can alert the administrators.

In order to manage the security in a server application this application provides the best gateway.

As a part of being the computer network the application can explore the security concepts.

To keep a watch over the specified directories over the server

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