Complaints Resolver Application .Net Project


Customer Complaints resolver is a web application which we can find the solutions to the problems we have raised and registered in the application. In this Final Year Project, we have 3 modules

  1. Admin
  2. Servicemen
  3. User

In Daily life we get a lot of problems for the devices we are using so each and every time we cannot make the way for the shop, then in this application user can find the solutions to the queries.


Admin Will login into the application with the default username and password. After logging admin can view the registered user details. Admin can add servicemen by giving service id and all the necessary details, he can also view the status of the user complaints, admin can view the complaints given by users and then admin will assign the users complaints to a serviceman. Admin can view the feedback provided by users.


A serviceman can log in with the admin given username and password and he can view the complaints assigned to him by admin then he will respond or send solution according to the query.


The user will register by providing all necessary details and then he will log in with the username and password after logging user can send the complaint by giving user-id and complaint description user can also give the feedback of how the response provided by the serviceman.

UML Diagrams:

Data Flow Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Use Case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Existing System:

In Existing System user needs to contact the persons for each and every problem he got, this is annoying and wastes a lot of time. We may not get the best solution in some cases.

Proposed System:

The proposed system, the user just needs to register into the application and then using the username and password and then just describe the problem and then submit the rest is dine by admin and serviceman. The user will have the least amount of work and if he is not satisfied with the solution he can give feedback to admin.

Database Design:

Download Complaints Resolver Automation System .Net Project Code, Project Report, Output Screens, UML Diagrams, etc

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