Web based Rental Application using .Net


The online rental application is a web-based application in which both the customers and vendors are logged into the application and view the showcased products and purchase them. Admin will login into the application after logging he can view the new inquiries and the feedback received from the customers. admin can also recover the password if he forgets by providing keyword. The user will register into the application by giving all details and provide the card details for payments. After logging, he can add the products that he wishes to advertise. After posting he can view all the products and if any products he wants to delete he can delete.

In this rental application, we are having 2 Modules

  1. Admin
  2. Customer

Modules Description: 


Admin will login into the application using the default username and password after logging he can view the inquiries and feedbacks from the customers.


Customer will register into the application by providing all the necessary details after successful completion of registration customer will log in and advertise the products that he wants to keep them for rent. He can also view all the products that he added.

Existing System:

In Existing System, the user cannot do this process from one location to another location means if a customer is shifting to a new place and he want to take a bike for rent before he reaches there so that cannot be done in the existing system.

Proposed System:

In Proposed System, the application is independent of location means from any location you can access this application and complete your procedure by just registering and logging.

Download Web-based Rental Application using .Net Technology Source Code, Project Report, PPT, UML Diagrams.

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