Negotiations of Security Decisions in E-Business Collaboration Project

Negotiations of Security Decisions in E-Business Collaboration project main aim are to provide a novel solution model and tool to support the negotiation of security actions in e-business collaborations.

For any organization security, related actions are most important for improving business and improving the trust of stock holders who invest in that company.

This information will also show the growth of the company and its responsibility as a respected citizen.

In the present situation, there are a lot of issues arises from companies because of incomplete security documents which cause problems for business growth while negotiations with clients and stack holders. As the business dealings are crossing boundaries there is need to address these issues and improve security standards.

In this research paper, we explain in detail about different factors which affect business and provide the solution to implement a tool for supporting companies to improve their standards.

download Negotiations of security decisions in E-Business Collaboration project reference documents.

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