Mechanical Project Report on Small Scale Industries (Automobile control cables)

The Small Scale Industries project describes entrepreneur who owns the business and provides the capital and tolerates the risk of unsurely business life. He controls, arranges, and assumes dangers and provides the conclusion in the business. He makes the decision based on many factors of production and begins with fresh start. He must be able to determine with important resources to make successful enterprise. Entrepreneur views are divided into three fields.

The SSI (Small Scale Industries) is very large with the development of the country. The industries are processed by hired labour that utilizes easy power and machine. The investment scale differs between 5 lakhs to 4 crore for the rigid benefits. These kinds of industries are developed in India to solve the problems related to the excess population and unemployment. India develops entrepreneur based on small scale industries by helping and by providing land, guidance, loans, and subsidiaries.

 The marketing management includes many steps namely product planning, sales forecasting, pricing policy, distribution policy, role of advertising, and quality. The goods are made from the good stainless steel and quality mild steel that are obtained from the vendors. MS bars are provided and made with large precision. These are highly useful for window grills, engineer, railways, and collapsible gate manufacturers.


The conclusion made based on the tools and instruments used which are presented in the open market. The cost is represented by raw material, utilities and expenditures depending on local market. Small scale industries make permanent and quick employment based on large scale at small cost. These quickly increment the demand of the consumer products. These provide best types to have equal distribution on the national income. These provide ways for the work and income.

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