Car Pooling System Java Project


Car pooling System is a Java web project which reduces the misery of travelers and make them find cars in short period of time. Car pooling, is an application of finding car in which drivers who are traveling to work alone can ask for fellow passengers through our application. For those who use public-transport system to go to work daily can use this application to find drivers who are traveling to the same destination in a short path.

Existing System:

In the existing system there is no good communication between administration and the car drivers. The older system is not user friendly. Administrator not able to view the requests of the users. Security is less compared to existing system. Details of the routes are not given online.

Proposed System:

The proposed system is user friendly. Good communication is maintained between admin and driver. All the users requests can be viewed by the administrator immediately. Details of the driver and car are maintained in the database. High level security is assigned in the proposed system.



Admin gets login with a valid username and password. Admin can assign the services to the employees with details. Admin  can view the details of the employee.


Employee should get registered with the site by giving all his personal details. Employee can get login with unique username and password. Employee can view all the services provided by the administrator.

Software Requirements:

Operating System                   : Microsoft Windows 2007/XP

Languages                               : Java Programming Language.

Database System                    : MYSQL

Browser                                   : ANY WEB BROWSER

Hardware requirements:

Processor                                : Standard processor with a speed of 1.8 GHz

RAM                                        : 512 MB RAM

Hard Disk                                : 80 GB

Monitor                                   : Standard color monitor


Car pooling system is an effort to reduce consumption of fuel, our most important non-renewable resource and traffic congestion on roads by encouraging people to use cars haring. So it is an environment-friendly social application and also helps people to reduce their journey time.

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