Mechanical Project on Future Electrical Steering System

The automobiles needs like enhanced control of vehicles, improved safety, ease, and compact packaging can be seen in electrical steering systems. With these needs, the new functionality is observed by many components of electric for the scope of actuator control and signal processing.

 The systems’ reliability includes products of standard automotive steering. The systems should be fault-tolerant to obtain components demands such as electronic control units, sensors, bus systems, power units, actuators etc.

 The modern safety structures need experience and expertise for production and designing of safety electrical systems. The redundant electrical systems should also include requirements of economic and market adjacent to availability and safety of the system.

 The electric systems possess mechanical as well as electronic motor. The hydraulic system is an alternative to an electrical system for increasing the steering. The torque sensor calculates the torque of steering wheel and an electronic control unit measures the required servo torque.

 The electric motor uses worm gear based on the required steering forces at the pinion to obtain increased forces at the rack. The components used in the electrical steering are electric motor, power electronics, steering wheel torque sensor, electronic control unit, and CAN data bus.


 The Mechanical Project on Future Electrical Steering System is about safety methods and technical solutions of many electrical steering systems. The customers utilize electrical steering systems which provide flexibility and increased functions of steering. The modern and developed electrical steering systems of next century include major safety appeal based on systems. The safety and dependability of the steering systems is obtained by safety system and the vehicle systems.

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