Piezoelectric Car Mechanical Project Idea

The piezoelectric effect was discovered way back in 1880 by Pierre and Paul-Jacques Curie. They found out that when certain types of crystals say for example quartz or tourmaline were compressed in the direction of a certain axis, it produced a corresponding voltage at the surface of the crystal. This is what is termed as the piezoelectric effect.

     The piezoelectric effect is an important discovery. It is applied in a lot of practical devices. This paper is thus a “Piezoelectric Car Mechanical Project Idea” which makes use of the piezoelectric effect in designing the car. Besides this, the piezoelectric effect is implemented in microphones, wave filters etc. The reverse effect can also be obtained i.e. when an emf is applied, it produces mechanical vibration.


       In this paper Project on piezoelectric car the car’s tyres are made up of piezoelectric materials. The tires in this kind of car are made up of piezoelectric cables which in turn are made up of piezoelectric generators. When the tyres move on the road continuous pressure is applied on the tyres. This generates electricity as per the piezoelectric principle.

        The piezoelectric generator used in the car is a piezoelectric crystal which is in between two electrodes that are metallic in nature. Thus according to the piezoelectric effect, when mechanical stress is applied, the emf is generated.

Piezoelectric Car Conclusion:

      Thus by knowledge of the piezoelectric effect, the required piezoelectric car is designed. The electricity generated by the cables in the tyre is used to feed the batteries that power up the car. This makes the batteries self-charging in nature and external charging is required for the very first time. This system is also eco-friendly in nature and does not cause any pollution the environment. If Lead Zirconate piezocrystal is used then a generation of 100000 volts is obtained by deformation of tire.

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