CSE Technical Report on Ohm’s Law Communication

Introduction to Technical Topic on Ohm’s Law Communication:

The Project is the work of study about the description of constructing and establishing of electronic circuits, instruments, maintenance and troubleshooting of the computerized systems, installation of the applications, to make and then host of the website, procuring the electronic devices and other related software’s. 

While developing the electronic circuits everything must be sort out for the need of any instruments required and removed and observation of the finishing of construction, the whole construction has been done on the stage or a electronic establishment board. 

The construction stage or board is of three different types: 1. Strip, 2. Matrix and 3. Printed circuit board. For this study we consider the Printed circuit board because of its easiness, accurate and neat structure and construction. I had got the better understanding of production of Printed circuit board. The Printed circuit board is made up of copper; the board possesses the printed electronic components. The electronic circuit’s production is easy and following:

  1. Clean the copper board by washing till the white surface appears.
  2. Print the system designed circuit on the board.
  3. Ironing of the circuit on to the board.
  4. To separate the circuit that has designed from the nylon.
  5. Make the perfect circuit size with minimum size.
  6. Wash the carbon from the board with the help of Sam paper. 

Integrated Circuits 

The Integrated Circuits or IC’s are highly complex circuits which has constructed in the minute chips of Semiconductor or Silicon. The semiconductor IC is hold in the plastics which possesses Pins separated by 0.1” or 2.54 mm grids that has fix the holes on the Printed circuit board. The IC is mounted on the circuit after the soldering of chip holder or Dual in line socket on the board. The different types of IC’s are:

  1. CMOS logic
  2. TTL
  4. PIC 

The PIC is the Erasable read only memory (EPROM) and Printed Read only memory (PROM).

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