NIT Computer Science Project Report on Implementing a Linux Cluster

The existing system is the device which is lightly combined together computers that even work and process together so while observing it seems to be functioning like a single one computer only. The Linux clusters are the open source software product which is based on the Linux and the GNU operating systems. The system targets the results to be a complete open source always and also contains the scientific discoveries and also can even work faster. It also contains various other things like the Problem definition, system history, large performance of the systems, its technologies etc…

The cluster is basically designed as by following the standard steps like first the whole planning of the design of the cluster is made, secondly the a specific plan is then selected to generate the cluster, third step is the selection of the operating system and the necessary hardware to the system, last step the selection of the suitable software to proper working of the system.

Here each and every step after the development of the system is dependable on one another. While developing it the department of the budget is also observed. The main steps that is observed here while developing is the cluster design and its planning mission.

The operating system mainly used here is the Linux Red hat because it supports most everything related to the system. The standard application used for the cluster design is the OSCAR called as the Open Source Cluster Application Resources.  The hardware used is the Pentium four and a two GB of RAM.

The main achievement of the developed system is to gain the high speed performances related to the computing clusters and the cluster kit like the OSCAR etc… without the OSCAR the message passing of the system will never be completed. There are various other libraries and classes which are also a part of the development of the system.

 Download  NIT Computer Science Project Report on Implementing a Linux Cluster.

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