LGI Monitoring System VB.Net Project Report

Introduction to LGI Monitoring System VB.Net Project:

The LGI Monitoring system is the finance information application in developed in Windows Operating system. The application provides all information related with the Loans, the Grants-in-Aid and also Investments. The LGI Monitoring system project is developed under and for the use of Ministry of Finance to ease their procedures for Loans and the Grants- in- Aid applications.

The project aims to computerized the processing of all applications and cases related to Loans and Grants, Investments in a very systematic way that has been starting from entering the Loan sanction details to producing their reports for the RBI New Delhi and CAS Nagpur. 

To maintain the thousands of LGI files and records is not an easy procedure which cannot be remembered especially histories and the old records in the form of paper and documents.

The Software system gives the solution to this in a very efficient manner in which the authorized person can easily access the information filled. This developed software has gone through the three stages of testing. The first stage consists of the DH level which asks to enter all data of Loan sanctions. The second stage includes the AAO level which is made for the security purpose that sorts out the data of DH level. The third stage is the PAO level that modifies the information. The information need to be passed which then enables the report generation for the RBI. 

The work is now easy by the automated software system that make the user to enter the data in the form for all Loans and Grants and Investments which will be  processed for the in the Computer and easily retrieved. 

The Hardware requires are Pentium  IV processor, 256 MB RAM and 20 GB hard disk drive. The operating system is Windows XP and Software programs are Vb.Net 8.0 and Crystal Reports, SQL Server 2000.

Download  LGI Monitoring System VB.Net Project Report.

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