Advanced Communication Redtacton Body Based Communication Seminar Report

Introduction to Advanced Communication Redtacton Body Based Communication Seminar:

There are various types of communication in this world, from wired communication to wireless communication to touch device communication. The latest addition to that is human area networking technology. A human area networking technology is basically using the human body surface to form a network transmission path which is high speed and safe. This name of this technology is RedTacton; TACTON technology mainly relates to the actions caused by the touch factor.

RED IN RedTacton refers to the communication warmth. Our body contains extremely weak fields and this forms the basis of RedTacton data transfer transmitter. Electro optic crystal’s optic properties are affected by such electrical fields and the contacts are closed physically ending up the communication process. The machines will contain chips of RedTacton and also includes a receiver which receives data emitted in digital format by the transmitter

Data communication speed up to 10 MB per second can be achieved by using RedTacton duplex communication. During its working a small electric field is induced on the body surface by the transmitter which in turn is picked up by the receiver. Electro optic properties are changed and converted the received signal to an electric signal. Nowadays there are transceivers which do the work of both receiver and transmitter under one roof. The CSMA/CD protocol are used to do the same and TCP/IP protocol are compliant with it.

There will be loss of electric fields inside the human body as discharge to the earth through our legs. This will result in a fluctuation in the electric field and a sensor that uses photonic electric field combined with a laser light beam detects these fluctuations. An insulating material is used to cover RedTacton electrode resulting in blocking any type of current flow from the transceivers to the body.  This technology can be used in many areas such as transfer of business cards by handshakes, printing multimedia documents, downloading files etc. 

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