Latest CSE Technical Seminar Topics On IP address spoofing

Introduction to Latest CSE Technical Seminar Topic On IP address spoofing:

Before understanding the IP address spoofing we need to know what an IP address consist of:

Ip address consist of

A network address and a host address.

Eg. where number that is red is network address and number that is orange is host address.

So what exactly we may thing this Ip stands for:

A Ip generally stands for Internet Protocol

In normal days we here IP,…IP.. Everywhere .It is due to this IP we can determine the location of person.

Now the next question that comes in our mind is what the term spoofing stands for?

A spoofing for a given Ip can be thought like

Your original Ip is :

And then you spoof your original Ip as: 232.199.400.2

Now the receiver does not get the original Ip address

Now how we use this IP address spoofing in real life or see in real life.

We hear sometime in newspapers that, this company system is being misused or their data is replaced by some other data.

So what makes this entire thing possible a one possible situation is   IP address spoofing .Thus now what we say as secure system may due to this work as a unsecure system.

Eg.By spoofing the IP address of a trusted system or machine we may authenticate a target machine even without user id or password. 

A general fact is IP address spoofing is done by particular person with some malicious intention in his mind. 

A real life example of some organization

Suppose you work in some top company and your manager is one authority to make decision and he needs to speak to his main boss

Now how IP address spoofing come into picture.

The person who attacks the system would change the Ip address and make it similar to manager of the company and now it will automatically request information in the network say the organization main boss. Now there is a maximum possibility that your main boss will reply to the concern request since he feel that request is from genuine person where in real sense it is not.

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