Jetking Computer Hardware Networking Institute Project

The circuit for technological hobbyists which includes Fan, Radio, switch on and off the light and so on over the clap sound. The sound of clap is obtained over the small microphone which is biased over the resistor R1 under the circuit. The microphone modifies the sound wave into electrical form and it is amplified over Q1 later. Transistor Q1 is utilized like the basic emitter circuit for the amplification of weak signals which is obtained over the microphone. Amplified resulted from the set of transistor Q1 which is fetched to the circuit Bistable Multivibrator and is called flip-flop.

 Flip flop circuit is constructed with the help of 2 Transistor under circuit Q2&Q3. Under the flip-flop circuit, only one transistor is maintained and after it receives the trigger pulse from outer means then the primary transistor is reduced and 2nd transistor is conducted. Hence the result of transistor can be logic-0 or logic-1 and it is stayed in the form of state 0 or 1 after it becomes trigger pulse from outside means.

The clap pulse is trigger for circuit flip-flop that creates modifications to the result and is (reverse) complementary. Flip-flop conclusion is in the form of less current that cannot move the relay directly and hence the current amplifier circuit is utilized in which Q4 is the basic emitter circuit. Q4 Output is communicated to the Relay (Electromagnetic switch) that operates like the mechanical switch and the relay easily connects other appliances. The relay contact is linked to the line of power and thus switches on/off any appliance linked by relay.


Jetking Computer Hardware Networking Institute Project is concluded that based on the study of CLAP SWITCH, the clap switch mechanism is very essential and useful as well. This is utilized to switch ON or OFF any circuit over the simple clap to remove the switch ON or OFF manually.

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