Java Projects for MCA on Multi player Snakes and Ladders

Introduction to Multi player Snakes and Ladders Project:

A popular board game is Snakes and Ladders, which can be played by two to four players. The aim of the game is to finish first; each player gets his turn to roll his dice on the board and he has to navigate his way through the obstacles of snakes and ladders. The entire board in divided into 100 squares and the player has to travel from the first square to the 100th square and the player who travels the entire board the fastest is the winner.

Now spatially located all over the board is snakes and ladders; when a player comes across a ladder the player gets a pass and can move ahead by quite a few steps and thus gets an advantage over all the other players. What the snakes do is just the opposite of the ladders, and any player who comes across it has to move down to a level that is lower than the level at which the player was at the moment. This means the player is at a disadvantage and has to work extra hard to make up the difference caused by the snake. 

The aim of this new version is that multiple players can play this over the internet with a LAN connection. The game has been developed using Java and is embedded online and has been created using an applet.

Just as the usual board game, each player gets his turn to roll his dice, and on the basis of the number on the dice they move that many spaces on the board. Just like the board game, the player who reaches the final square first is deemed the winner. This game has the power to support the screen fully. This game was first established in India and was later made popular during the British Raj.

Download  Java Projects for MCA on Multi player Snakes and Ladders .

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