Asp.Net Summer Training Report on Online National Polling System

Introduction to Online National Polling System:

This web Based system that is ONPS has two parts. It means it is made on the basis of two parts. These parts are-

1.         Before the Election Day the framework should be utilized for general purposes for example review applicants’ profiles and past years’ decision outcomes.

2.         On the Election Day a different free framework could be utilized for voting operations. The voters throw their votes utilizing the interface that are given at the proposed machines. The proposed votes are received by the framework on the server.

Now these projects have some Module which has to follow. These modules are Voter Module, Candidate Module and Administrator Module.


In this module any voter can see the results. There is some path has to be follow. Path is-

  • Firstly voter has to be registered.
  • After registration they have to update their account.
  • Then they can see the information about the candidate
  • Also they can question any candidate.
  • After these step they are willing to logout
  • Lastly they can see the result of election. 


Here candidate can attend this question and answer it. For this purpose they have to follow a single way, that is-

  • Firstly candidate has to register in it.
  • Then he can update the account.

But there is one more option for him that is

  • They can login again
  • After that they can edit their profile.
  • Next they will promises here
  • Lastly they give the answer of Voters question.

In this platform any voter and the candidate can contact each other without facing any problem.

Now comes to the Administrator Account. He is the main part of this system. So, he controls all the activity. He manages all the account details of voter and candidate and update the database with giving the details.

Download  Asp.Net Summer Training Report on Online National Polling System.

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