Enterprise Database Integration Project in Java

EDI or Enterprise Database Integration project is designed to fulfill requirements while dealing with database. This software is useful to access relational and non relational type of data using back end application. There are many databases available in market like oracle , DB2, Sql server..etc which are used for back end data storage. This tool will help user to access all these databases using a single frame work.

Enterprise Database Integration

Enterprise Database Integration Conclusion:

Enterprise Database Integration has inherent capabilities, openness and portability to heterogeneous environments makes them formidable competitors in their respective areas, but coupled together, provides an unbeatable, tightly integrated solutions.

            Enterprise database integration encompasses a range of techniques that all are coupled within Data Export, transformation & import, web services and messaging. Enterprise integration poses challenges beyond regular web application development. Successful enterprise integration is scalable, standards complaint and cross platform.

            This is best platform to work on different databases with different environments. This system will be useful for working all type of database which can be integrated with each other

Modules Over view:

     In our proposed system we have three modules as follows

  1. Administrator
  2. User
  3. Integration 

Functionalities of Administrator:

  • Login
  • Create user
  • Permission
  • Connection
  • Table
  • Migration
  • Logout 

Functionalities of  User

  • Login
  • Connection
  • Table
  • Migration
  • Logout

Youtube video link to view design details , data flow diagram, screen shots, sequence diagram, flow chart.

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  1. plz send me required database files/tables for Enterprise Database Integration project.
    and which server is used for running ur jsp project..(apache or glass-fish) do tell me exact version..asap.

    waiting for response

    thanx in advance

  2. Hi,can you tell me how to execute this project and what should be typed in userid and password in the home page

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