Get Your Campus Computer Project in Java

Introduction to Get Your Campus Computer Project in Java:

This system will provide a comprehensive online solution for providing prospective Bachelors degree student’s relevant information about various institutes, their courses and admissions procedures.

Today many students are doing their bachelor degree from different colleges.

Before he or she starts his or her degree, they have to know about the college, course, faculty member and their campussing.

This project helps you to give that all kind of data which is related to your bachelor degree. There are some website where you can find your information.

But today every student wants to talk other students. This facility is very rare. But this project gives you that facility.

Existing System:

  • The accessible system does not provide Discussion forums.
  • The existing system is not equipped to provide feedback facilities by students about the quality of counseling.
  • The vacant system lacks online help for students.  
  • The existing system does not provide search facilities.
  • Does not provide information about the faculty of a college.

Proposed System: 

This system has been developed keeping in mind the database integration approach.

  • The proposed system will provide information about respective institutes to admission seekers.
  • Prospective students will get proper online/offline help from relevant counselors.
  • Provides a tips and advice section in the Discussion Forum.
  • General users can interact with experienced users to share their views in the forum.
  • Provides administrators the ability to monitor content to weed out undesirable information.
  • Provides users feedback facility to comment on the quality of counseling.

Number Of Modules:

After a huge analysis system take a decision to give the idea about following modules.

  1. Counselors.
  2. Admin/Data Manager.
  3. Students.
  4. Security and authentication
  5. Reports

After reading these modules you will definitely understand how to use this project. And it will very much helpful to all the students to get their admission in bachelor degree courses.

Download  Get Your Campus Computer Project in Java.

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