Latest IT Seminar Topic 2012 on True Finger Print Based Access Control System with Report

Introduction to Seminar Topic on True Finger Print Based Access Control System:

Today everywhere genuine attendance and security system is becoming necessary. This system is used to retard the entry of students and people who are unauthorized. It secures the use of premises from unscrupulous activities. In order to make the security system integral many companies and schools are introducing this car reader. There is a vast concept behind using this card breader.

One card is given to the student or to some other person whom you want to give the right to enter your premises and update your attendance. The card usually contains security code and program. The code changes and generate automatically on a random basis. We have all the codes in our database and if the security code in our database match with the code of your card then you can easily enter the boundary. There are some problems with the card reader and card and it can lead to the security penetration problem.

Firstly, when is issued to a person he may give to some unauthorized person. It can also be stolen and it takes time to block the access of the card or reporting the high authority.

The card can also create some malfunction and thus prevent the person from entering the premises in case of urgency.

In order to avoid all these problems the system of “Fingerprint Reader” is recently used as a more advanced means of security. Here the finger print of the authorized person is stored in the data and unless it matches with the finger print while entering the premises one cannot able to access it at any cost. According to the experts this is a safer and secure measure of protection and it will also replace the card reader system in the future. The best part here is that you will not have to remember the password.

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