Java Mini Project Report for Online National Polling

Introduction to Online National Polling Java Mini Project:

This is a popular project and it is being designed to conduct online polling. Through this system the authorities and government can conduct ONLINE NATIONAL POLLING. This system is just to retroflex the existing method that means the process of voting manually will just be substitute with the online voting. Online polling is an easy method and it gives complete privacy to the voter. Through this method you can even vote sitting at the comfort of your house.

Today we follow the traditional method of voting and it also contains a lot of fraught along with laborious mechanisms. This starts from the announcement of the poll to that last date of the declaration of the results.

In order to get the voting ID’s the voters need to approach their authorities and on the date of the voting again the voters need to travel to the polling vote to caste their precious vote. Many fraudulent activities are practiced to influence the voters or prevent the candidates from casting their votes of their choice. Efforts of polling officers, police and government machinery are highly required to safeguard the ballet boxes.

This existing system has several draw backs like it is a manual system and it is provides a complexity in the management of polling station. The existing systems do not provide security to the polling station and it also it also do not provide profile management and secure registration.The new proposed system is a web based system that provides various advanced features that facilitate the voters. This is also a time saving method of voting as well as a safe and secure system for the voters. According to the database integration approach the proposed method will be totally automated. This system will much more advanced and integrated that the existing one.

Download  Java Mini Project Report for Online National Polling.

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