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                                   iSpeak – Next Generation application


In our day to day life we come across so many situations where we need to go through articles over Internet and documents of different types. It is general tendency for any human being to overlook few words or sentences while going through articles which may lead to any kind of mistake based on the importance of the article or document that he/she is going through.

The idea of the iSpeak project is built, based on the recent enhancements taken place in Internet Explorer [IE8] from Microsoft Corporation. In IE8 user has a provision of searching a text by selecting a search keyword from the present website page he/she is in. This Idea made us to think of this project, which we call them as Next Generation Speech applications.

The main Idea of the present iSpeak – Next Generation Application is when the users are surfing through an article in Internet Explorer; we wanted some one to speak for the user instead he /she going through entire article. For that we wanted to build a new concept of select and speak in IE. This is purely research and development in this area.

iSpeak_Next Generation application

Moving further this idea can be implemented across all the browsers which we wanted to define as Future scope of the project. Along with this, if the users wanted to read any kind of document such as .txt, .doc, .PDF we wanted to build a desktop utility to read entire/selected portion of the text for him/her. In the initial stages of Research and development we will be starting with one voice and later we try to implement different types of voices [Male and Female] with different ages. Even we want our project to support saving those selected/Entire file as wav format so that user can listen to the article whenever he/she wants instead of searching.

Modules & Functionalities in this Project:

The following are modules /functionalities of the projects.

  1. Reading selected text of Website in IE

When ever user selects some text and commands the IE then our application need to speak out the selected text. Even user can have a provision of saving the same text to Database for future reference.

    1. Speak module
    2. Saving to Database module

Practical applicability: Read all your emails in IE, white papers, articles, encyclopaedias etc

  1. Documents reader module

In this module user can upload any kind of document [.Txt, .Doc, .PDF ] to listen to the text in the document.

Even the application should be able to handle selected text reading.

  1. Document Reader
  2. Saving to Database module
  3. Selected text reading functionality
  1. A desktop application is build to search for all the saved documents for future reference.
  2. Different voice compatibility

We are trying to make this application compatible for different voices [Male and Female.]

  1. Different age groups compatibility

We are trying to make this application compatible for different age groups too.

  1. Converting selected text to Wav format for further reference.

Technologies used:

  • Microsoft .Net C# 2005 or above
  • SQL server 2005 or Above

Type of Project: Research and Development.


This ISpeak project is under Research and Development so, there could be much number of features coming as and when we explore it. We may have to modify the abstract slightly.

Use case Diagrams:

Use case Diagrams

Sequence Diagrams:

Sequence Diagram for Entered or Selected Text:

 Sequence Diagram for Entered or Selected Text

Sequence Diagram for Text File Reading:

 Sequence Diagram for Text File Reading

Doc File Read:

 Doc File Read

PDF Reading:

PDF Reading

Reading from Browser:

 Reading from Browser

Class Diagram:

 Class Diagram

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