Fast Computation of Constrained Shortest Paths Project Abstract

Fast Computation of Constrained Shortest Paths project explain about finding out cheapest path for certain constraints. In Qos routing and MPLS, ATM circuit and network engineering finding out shortest path is important. In real scenarios it is difficult to find out cheapest path for video and voice calls. In order to provide solution for Np-complete there are few algorithms like heuristic algorithm which can solve the approximation of the problem with 80 percent accuracy.

Here we will explain a common approach for link delay and link cost using polynomial time to solve the main problem with a simple solution.. Efficiency of the algorithm is determined based on the error status that appears at the stage of decentralization. So in order to improve effiecency of the system we need to reduce errors at decentralization stage so in this paper we explain about two new methods for reducing errors at decentralization stage.


PROCESSOR          :  PENTIUM IV 2.6 GHz

RAM                       :  512 MB DD RAM

MONITOR              :  15” COLOR

HARD DISK            :  20 GB

CDDRIVE              :  LG 52X


MOUSE                :  3 BUTTONS


FRONT END                    :  SWINGS, JFRAMEBUILDER.


   BACK END                       : Sql Server 2000

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