Orkut Project Abstract

Introduction to Orkut Project:

Project entitled Okut(social networking site) explains about a concept of implementing a social networking site similar to Orkut but with few important features. This project is developed in java platform using socket programming for implementing live chat feature. Before developing this project we studied in detail on every feature that is seen in orkut and tried to duplicate it. Basic difference is orkut works on internet and our application works on LAN. Basic features that are available in orkut are add a friend, write a scrap, add to crush list, writing testimonials and joining to communities..etc. But as a mini project we only implemented few feature like adding friends, posting scraps, live chatting and uploading phots. Similar to orkut users should register with application and get unique username and password to use any features.

Detailed explanation about this project is provided in project abstract which can be downloaded from below download link.

Computer science and information technology students can find more social networking related projects with source code from this site for free download.

 Download Orkut Project Abstract  from this link.

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