Introduction to Test Case Design

Any project goals or deliverables are depend upon them implementation and testing, if these two factors are not properly considered then the quality of the project would be less, so for this purpose a steady and good testing is required for the project, so for that purpose the tester has to thoroughly test the system and it is his duty to make sure that deliverables are achieved properly or not, according to the artefact given by magazine that in the present software field 50% of the employers that are working in the technical department are testers. That means theoretically 50% of the time has been given for testing in the development of the project, so by seeing these facts it is understood that for good software a proper testing is required.

Considering an important report which is given the authors (B Boehm & V Basili, 2001) on the topic Software defect reduction top 10 lists, so consider the steps given below at the early stages for the development

  1. It costs 100 times more difficult for searching and rectifying the bug when the software is developed than solving the problem in the early stages of the development during the development.
  2. Most of the projects that are developed in the present world consume 40 to 50 percentage of work to rework for fixing the problems, so reducing the most of the rework can significantly improve the time in the project and the productivity of the software.
  3. Similarly the author says that the 80 percentage of rework will occur due to 20 percentage of the defect only, so reducing more defects reduced will efficiently grow the development of the project.

The author also suggest that every tester has a certain requirement such as assuming a certain scenario in performing the testing which are stated below

  1. Analysing the requirement: in this phase to do the work without any issues will be developed by assuming some function point in the project check the requirement are feasible or not
  2. Designing: in this phase the tester checks whether the designed project is meeting to the architecture that is taken into consideration at the initial step,.
  3. Coding: This is the phase where tester test the actual product completely and also asks a couple of voluntary people to test the system so that any software bugs would be detected.

For this project some of the test cases that are highly taken into consideration and they are giving according to the priority are

  • Tested whether each and every field is accessed on the applet or not.
  • The screen shots of each and every test fieldĀ  is properly described for the user
  • Thoroughly checked whether each and every error that was popped while testing are properly handled or not.

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