Latest ECE Seminar Topic on Introduction to SOC Design

The SOC called as the System on Chip is the assassination of the components or related sub divided types that are interconnected to execute the requested program or functions. These are the requests that are sending by the end users to the client servers.

The System on Chip is the device which stores the system components into a single standard specified chip. This is possible for the system due to technology that is being processed, Intellectual property, Markets and the EDA tools. The main distinguished factor is between the System Board and the System Chip.

The applications that are fully supported by the System on Chip are mobile devices like the iPhone, and other wireless consumer and the communication product which is connected to the internet through wireless communications. This internet is then connected to the Personal Computers and the Digital Home like the Local Area Networks, Chips, Memory, Graphics, Setup Box, USB, GPS, HDTV and DVD player etc… according to the survey of the experts the product cycles of each products are reducing day by day.

The limitations of the IC and the IP are the total number of the Input and the output numbers. The design and the development of the existing system, there are certain more differences in the pin of the inputs and the outputs. Verification process also has the more critical situation. It also permits the high stage of the abstract device. The design phase and the implementation phase of the system have its functional layout too. The IP are here compared to the Soft IP and the Hard IP.

Due to the development of the new system the silicon technology of the system the user to permit the whole device to communicate with the individual chip and also making the each and every design of the System on Chip a critical and difficult system.

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