Intelligent Automatic Plant Irrigation System with Water Pump Control

 Plant Irrigation Embedded System Project Description:

The main aim of Intelligent automatic plant Irrigation system with water pump control project is to save the water, no manpower reouired, and save time.  A person who have a garden/plants ,he is going to attend a function or away from the home , what it happens to the garden.   By using this project we can avoid this problem.This project gives water regularly & automatically to the plants/gardens how much water it require. This project is also very useful in Agricultural fields, Lawns & Parks. 

As technology is growing there is always chance to reduce risk and make work done using electronic applications. Embedded and micro controller systems provide solutions for many problems. In this application controlling water system for garden is main motto. When we are in vacation we used to depend on others for watering our garden.

This application will solve this problem by using a sensor micro controller system. Sensors are placed in side soil which will continuously monitor the condition of the soil and if water level is reduced it will send information to micro controller which will set the sprinkler to on and after reaching to a threshold it will set motor to off.

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